Reverse Engineering Scanning Systems (RES)

Speed, Accuracy & Flexibility at an Affordable Price

The HDI Advance R4x family of scanners captures complete digital 3D scans from physical objects in just seconds. The system is ideal for manufacturers, visual effects studios, research labs, and academic institutions that need complex 3D measurements

Fast Scan Speed, High Resolution, Full Field Scanning

The HDI Advance scanner uses dual machine vision cameras to capture high resolution and accurate 3D scans. With rapid scan speeds ranging between 0.88 and 1.3 seconds per scan, the RES-HD Advance 3D Scanner captures the full view of an object at high speed. This makes it especially useful for face and body scanning applications where the subject has difficulties staying still.

Non-contact, Stable And Reliable

The HDI Advance scans an object directly without any physical contact to ensure there is zero measurement interference. In addition, features such as a carbon fibre bar on the R4x secures the scanning cameras for improved camera stability and measurement reliability.

Flexible Scanning System

The HDI Advance 3D scanner is a flexible system that is capable of scanning objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing its field-of-view, with convenient presets ranging from 165mm up to 676mm diagonal depending on the model. The ability to rotate the cameras provides fine tuning to minimize occlusions or create larger stereo angles.

Built In Post-processing Capabilities With Powerful SDK

The powerful FlexScan3D scanning engine provides automatic scanning, sophisticated automatic mesh geometry alignment, interactive and automatic hole filling, automatic cut plane definitions and more. Its powerful SDK allows you to customize and script your scanning workflow.

RES-HD Models R1X R3X R4X
Cameras 2 x 1.3 megapixel monochrome
USB 3.0 cameras with 12mm lenses
2 x 2.8 megapixel monochrome
USB 3.0 cameras with 12mm lenses
2 x 4.1 megapixel monochrome USB 3.0
cameras with 12mm lenses
Scan Speed 1.3 seconds per scan 0.88 seconds per scan 1.3 seconds per scan
Field of View (FOV), diagonal 165mm, 310mm, 455mm 200mm, 400mm, 600mm 5 presets, between 212mm and 676mm
Resolution Average Points 1.1 million per scan 2.6 million per scan 3.2 million per scan
Resolution Average Polygons 2.2 million per scan 5.2 million per scan 6.4 million per scan
Resolution Point to Point Distance 0.1mm at 165mm FOV 0.2mm at 310mm FOV 0.3mm at 455mm FOV 0.075mm at 200mm FOV 0.165mm at 400mm FOV 0.250mm at 600mm FOV 0.088mm at 212mm FOV 0.266mm at 676mm FOV
Accuracy 65μm (0.0026”) at 165mm FOV 115μm (0.0045”) at 310mm FOV 125μm (0.0049”) at 455mm FOV 45μm (0.0018”) at 200mm FOV 75μm (0.0030”) at 400mm FOV 105μm (0.0041”) at 600mm FOV 36μm (0.0014”) at 212mm FOV 84μm (0.0033”) at 676mm FOV
Standoff 370mm at 165mm FOV 690mm at 310mm FOV 1040mm at 455mm FOV 370mm at 200mm FOV 690mm at 400mm FOV 1040mm at 600mm FOV 385mm at 212mm FOV 1110mm at 676mm FOV
Geometry Formats PLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX, 3D3
Color Texture Upgradeable to color
Scanning Software FlexScan3D
Computer Requirements Windows 7 (64-bit) Operating System, Quad-core Intel 2 GHz CPU or better, 4 GB Memory or greater, 512MB Video Card, Free disk space 250GB Hard Drive or more