RAPLAS HD+ SLA Systems offer an economic total solution to our customers model production requirements as a single package. Low operating, maintenance and consumable costs and regional support from our professionals with many years experience in applications and service in the RP/AM Industry.

The RAPLAS Revolution for mass-customised production. Accuracy, productivity, economy with proven experience and applications.

RAPLAS RPS HD+ SLA Systems are 'Powered by Materialise' providing the industry solution you can trust.

MAGICS free customer site license provides our system customers with the latest Magics tools for efficient workflow and productivity. Materialise Magics and Build Processor ensures part data integrity and accuracy is maintained and processed with the latest industry standard fix, slice, hatch and build algorithms and protocols.

Raplasprint Bio SLA Resin.?Clear, coloured and translucent shades available. Medical class IIa, R5, S2 and BPA Free.

RAPLAS SLA Resin, General purpose resin for part building, ABS like with Snap-Fit functionality. Clear and white grades.

SLM & SLS Metal Powders, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt.

RAPLAS Lasers RPL 355?UV Range

Full parameter setting and control via controller, coms and software GUI.
Automated 2-axis crystal indexing for long-life (RPL 355-100-1.0).
High Power/Repetition Rate for high speed scanning (fully adjustable).

Air-cooled for long-life and low operating cost.